Academic Tutoring

Step Ahead specializes in working with students with mild to moderate learning disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorders. We use innovative, multi-sensory techniques and strategies to promote learning based on each studentís individual needs. Remediation for reading and spelling is structured and multi-sensory based. It includes Wilson Reading and Linda-mood Bell Strategies. Remediation for math includes touch math and hands-on math activities and games. Fun and educational IPAD applications will be implemented into both reading and math lessons

Home School Support

Homeschooling provides an unparalleled opportunity to teach, watch, and learn with your children, but it requires a tremendous amount of time, patience, knowledge, and support. Parents who do not have the time to teach all of the subject areas to their child have the option of sending their child to Step Ahead Educational Services to help in the development and completion of lessons and curriculum that meet state standards.

Parents may enroll their child for as little as one class or for as many as 5 classes per day. Classes may last one week or for the duration of the school year depending on the need and schedule of the parents. Our service will provide social experiences for your child as well as in depth academic support.

We have quality experienced credentialed teachers trained to provide comprehensive home school support. We offer home school classes for students in general education: grades k-8th and special education: grades k-12. Please call or email to find out more information, and to learn how your child can enroll.

Social Skills Groups

Step Ahead Educational Services offers a social skills group for teens and young adults, ages 13-22 experiencing mild to moderate learning disabilities, high functioning autism, Aspergerís, and PDD. This group focuses on teen issues, peer interactions, and building friendships. The group will participate in fun, team building activities, and social outings within the community.

Transition Services

Step Ahead offers transition services for young adults with mild to moderate learning disabilities and high functioning Autism Spectrum Disorders, 18-22 years of age as they transition from high school to adult life as mandated by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

The purpose of our transition program is to ensure that every student is capable of working and participating in their community by enabling the student to be more involved in planning their future. Skills such as budgeting/scheduling, creating resumes, filling out applications, interviewing strategies, volunteer work, and researching/visiting/contacting vocational schools and community colleges will be offered.

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